Our Policy

In Zimbabwe Dominican Schools are classified as Non-Government Schools.

However, the usual professional standards and regulations of service set by the Ministry of Education apply to the Dominican Schools.

The aims of the Dominican Schools

1. The education and development of the whole person (spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, moral, social), respect for each person and respect for life.

2. The development of a positive relationship to self, God and neighbour as well as to society and creation/environment.

3. The proclamation of the word of God as liberating Good News.

4. The pursuit of TRUTH (VERITAS) in all disciplines, formation of the conscience acquisition of self-discipline for the sake of personal growth and good relationships.

5. Sharing a Christian vision of reality, providing a teaching of the Catholic faith and its traditions, and promoting the values of the Kingdom of God, namely : truth, love, justice, peace, compassion and forgiveness.

6. A professional approach to teaching, inculcating good study habits, personal attention to compassion for the individual, as a member of a community and society.

7. Preparing citizens of a pluralistic society for integrity, honesty, service, the constructive use of freedom, responsibility, self reliance, commitment, and a sense of international solidarity.

8. Recognizing that all people, poor and rich, underprivileged and privileged, healthy or handicapped of different national, cultural, and religious backgrounds need education and can enrich one another.

9. Evangelization that recognizes inherent riches in different cultures and national traditions, and expose these to the values of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God.

10. Fostering a community spirit, a democratic/ participative approach and a Christian atmosphere, seeing the school in the context of the Christian community.