Communication : Home and School

A Newsletter is sent out at the beginning and end of each term. Important issues, any announcements and reminders of up coming school events will be sent out with the students. A detailed calendar highlighting some of the events is given to students at the beginning of the term.

Teachers will communicate with parents through notices written in the Homework Diary or a class letter. Please check your daughter’s satchel daily, or jointly cultivate a habit in her of delivering letters to parents.

The school has an open door policy. Should a parent wish to see their daughter’s class teacher, an appointment should be made with the teacher concerned.

Orientation Day

The school holds an Orientation day for parents of Grade One pupils, Grade One pupils and all other new parents and students in the school. This is held on the first Friday of October.

Meet the Teacher Evening

A meeting for parents with the new grade teacher is held in the daughter’s classroom the second week of school in the first term. Attendance is compulsory. This is a very important meeting, parents should avoid asking someone to stand in for them.

Fundraising and Charity Work

All parents are expected to participate in all fundraising activities without fail for them to become a living part of their daughter’s school life. Charity work is part of our school ethos and all children are expected to participate in order that they learn compassion and civic responsibility.