1. A high standard of behaviour is required of our pupils. Good manners should be upheld at all times e.g. how they greet the staff, parents and visitors to the school.

2. After school, pupils should ideally not be seen loitering around shopping centres in school uniform. If your daughter accompanies you into the shops on the way home she must be in FULL school uniform and that includes shoes and hat and behave accordingly!

3. The school rule (and in Zimbabwe in general) is to KEEP TO THE LEFT. This is especially true on the stairways.

4. No pupil is allowed in the school building before the teacher arrives. No pupil may return to the classroom after the teacher has dismissed the class. Gaining access to the classroom after official school hours would involve taking the teacher’s key, which is a very serious offence.

5. At the change of lessons pupils must move around the school grounds quietly as a courtesy to those who are still working.

6. Pupils are expected to be polite and helpful, to greet visitors and teachers.

7. Medicine must not be brought to the school and left with the pupil. If a pupil requires medication this must be handed to the class teacher for dispensing.

8. It goes without saying that no pupil should take anything that belongs to another or to the school. It is stealing.

9. Pupils should not bring large amounts of tuck money to the school. This may tempt others to steal. Expensive and imported toys and electronic equipment should be left at home as these are very tempting for the less fortunate.

10. Name badges must be worn at all times. When replacing a lost one always remember it has to be in your daughter’s house colour. You can order one from the school.

11. Convent girls are known for being well presented and lady-like in the way they carry themselves. Make sure your daughter comes to school in a clean uniform, clean hat and socks and polished black shoes.