School Rules

As a pupil at our school your daughter will be required to adhere to our rules and to conform to our regulations. In this regard, your support and assistance are crucial for her success.

The following are our rules, if you wish your daughter’s stay with us to be a happy one. Our long track record is complemented by these guidelines to create the special school that Convent is, as one of the best schools in Zimbabwe and, indeed on the African continent. Convent educated girls are sought after throughout the world.

1. Classes commence at 7.30 am, therefore all pupils

should be in school by 7.15 am. All gates will be locked at 7.30am.

2. Classes end at 12.30pm for the Grades 1 and 2 and at 1.00pm for Grades 3 to 7.

3. Afternoon activities are only for Gr 3 – 7. Afternoon activities and study end at 3.45 pm. Pupils should be collected before 5.30pm.

4. Pupils are not permitted to wait outside the school gates for collection. Being a city based school, security and safety are prime considerations.

5. If an activity or sporting event is cancelled, the pupils should join the study class. They will not be permitted to phone home and make alternative arrangements and they may not sit around the school yard unsupervised.

6. No pupil may leave the school premises during the day without written permission from her parents.

7. All homework must be checked for content and signed by parents. This rule serves a very important function but is the one most neglected. Homework is given from Grade 1 upwards.

8. No jewellery is allowed to be worn with school uniform. Apart from simple gold or silver studs.

9. Hairstyles must be simple easy to keep tidy and clean. No decorative beads or extensions-plaited into them. Shoulder length hair must be tied at the back with a navy blue scrunch.

10. No nail varnish, nails to be kept short and clean.

*** With the little ones you are expected to help with reading and later you are required to check homework and sign it as acceptable. When your daughter starts school you are not handing her over to us to educate, you are becoming part of the team that will be involved in her education. We will fail utterly if the pupil gets no support from home.